KS 4000ic

KS 4000ic control

New innovative incubator shaker design with built-in cooler allowing unattended operation in a temperature-controlled environment.

– Large LED display for speed and time settings
– Controls with antimicrobial coating for reduction of bacteria
– Integrated PID temperature control (use of two PT 1000 temperature sensors)
– Junction box in the workspace for connection of an additional temperature sensor e.g. PT 1000.60 (included with delivery)
– Electronic temperature and speed control
– Electronic timer switch: 0 – 999 h (set by the minute or by the hour)
– With built-in cooling spiral for connection to an external cooling unit e.g. KV 600
– Unit switches off automatically if disturbed
– Unit stops automatically when hood is lifted
– Collecting tray with drain hose on rear of unit
– Simple operation
– All functions can be controlled and documented using the labworldsoft® software
– Attachments not included – please order accessories as required